"Europe Democracy Esperanto" is a new political movement, which has the aim of helping toward the construction of a more democratic European Union. To learn more about us please read the page "Frequently Asked Questions". If you would more information please feel free to contact us.

Please sign this petition: Esperanto, an official language of the European Union, now! Multilingual petition, see the other 30 languages under the English text.


2019-07-20/27 Taking part in the 104th World Congress of Esperanto in Lahti.

2019-05-26 Participation of EDE in the European elections: 18,587 votes.

2018-07-28/08-04 Taking part in the 103th World Congress of Esperanto in Lisbon.

2018-03-11 General Assembly of the EDE Federation.

2017-09-20 Open letter to the French president for nuclear disarmament

2017-08-25/28 Summer School in the French Castle Grésillon.

For a more democratic Europe, we propose Esperanto
as a neutral language that’s easy to learn.


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Download the new information pages:

[eo] Informilo 2009 (PDF, 887kb) {PDF}


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